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For my beloved Wana…

 Happy Birthday !   Happy Birthday !   Happy Birthday !   Happy Birthday !

Pastel de cumpleaños
My dearest friend…
I just want you to know
how special are you for me.
Corazón rojo
For many time I searched and searched sombody I can trust,
a girl with integrity, with a pure heart,
a girl full of love and grace from The Lord,
a girl with the power of God.
A girl with the wisdom enough to advice me when I need it,
to show me the right way when I am wrong…
a girl who can take my hands and give me streght,
who can look me in the eyes and convey me faith and hope…
And I kept searching and searching…
until I met you…
Thanks for everything,
thanks for being there when I need a lovely hug,
thanks for support me with your sincere words.
But above all,
thanks for be my sweet sister and friend,
I love you,
more than words,
more than all you can imagine.
"You and me,
friends and sisters
for Eternity…"
And in all lenguages I know:
Te quiero mi amada hermana y amiga

                                                                                      Je t’aime mon bien-aimé frère et ami

I love you my beloved sister and friend
אוהב אותך ואת אחותך ידידים יקרים
بحبك يا صديقي العزيز والشقيقة
(sorry for the ostentation)
Amira Lihem Ben Sayel Ben Gurion,
The Princess of The Lord…
Rosa roja
p.d.: Sorry if there are some errors in my writting,
has not been an effort, has been a pleasure,
"because you worthy it" …

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